Blackout Glitter Lips Sweatshirt

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Take a stand - Make a statement - Support the cause


All profits from this collection go directly to Black Lives Matter to help fund their campaign for racial equality

Free Guppy Bag

  • This Sweatshirt comes with a free Guppy Bag to use when washing the garment in the machine. The Guppy Bag will stop any Micro Plastic escaping during a wash cycle and prevent it from entering our waterways. Using the Guppy Bag will also extend the life of your sweatshirt.


  • We recommend using the Guppy Bag to wash all clothing containing synthetic fibres plus any delicates to prevent wear & tear.


(Product free when garment is bought at full price ie without discount codes etc)


Rubbish London Guppy Bag

Material Composition

60% Recycled Cotton/40% Recycled Ocean Plastic

Wash Me

We recommend washing this sweatshirt inside a Guppy Bag to prevent micro plastics from entering the waterways. Using a Guppy Bag will also prevent any rubbing either with other clothing or against the drum. This will extend the life of your sweatshirt.


When washed we recommend air drying when possible.