Our new 100% Recycled Cotton products are recycled at Armstrongs Mill and produced at Cancelled Plans factory in Hyderabad, India. The welfare of the people involved in our supply chain is a priority to us. We thought you might like to meet the people behind the clothing.        



 Name: Latha
 Age : 43
 About: Garment Checker
 Hobbies: Watching serials
 Favorite food: Sambar Rice with raita
 Description: She is working for her children which helps for their education.


Name: Parasuram
Age: 35
About: Singer, Tailor
Hobbies: Cooking non-veg dishes
Favourite food: chicken Biryani and parotta
Description: He loves singing. Specialist in nighty stitching
Name: Jayaram
Age : 30
About: Power Table Tailor
Hobbies: Gardening
Favourite food: Parotta with chettinad chicken
Description: He loves to travel with friends 
Name: Aasai ponnu
Age : 32
Designation: Garment Checker
Hobbies: Watching TV
Favourite food : Rice pongal with coconut chutney
Description: Expert in preparing fish curry.   
Age : 32
About: Singer, Tailor
Hobbies: Cooking new dishes
Favourite food: Idly with sambar
Description: She loves singing 
Name: Prabhu
Age : 27
About: Power Table Tailor
Hobbies: Watching tv serials
Favourite food: Mutton biryani
Description: Loves to go on long drives
Re-Made. A recycled cotton story

The Marvels of Recycled Cotton: A Sustainable Solution for FashionIn recent years, the fashion industry has been under scrutiny for its environmental impact. From excessive water usage to chemical pollution,...

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